▷ KiBi 【M I K I B I】 What is mikibi? ✅ Fun with and without Tablet
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mikibi is fun with and without tablet

Your drawings come to life on every page. Have fun completing each page. Draw and erase as many times as you want with the magic pencil. Also with your tablet and the App you can play with your creations in a virtual world.
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We know you love creating your own monsters. Invent imaginary characters with blocks or modelling clay. In addition, with the App you can give them life and continue playing with them in their fantastic world.
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Are you looking for a game for the whole family? Do you have a good sense of touch and hearing? Discover the craziest board game collection, where speed and memory will test your senses. Includes App with more challenges and Augmented Reality.
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Arts & Craft is cool, and you would customise even your own pet. With the Mr Plinton characters unleash all your creativity. In addition, with the App you can digitise your characters and turn them into 3D pets.
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Play face-to-face with your friends and survive the zombie infection as a team with the first board game that merges with the video game (App for smartphone). It will not be easy … We assure you that each game will be totally different.
The destiny of humanity is in your hands. Do you accept the challenge?
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Cyber Zombies. Divertido juego para niños y niñas, con App gratis incluida con juegos para móvil. Marca KIBI TOYS, colección CYBER GAMES. Videojuego de mesa con Realidad Virtual para móvil. Para jugar uno o varios jugadores. Incluye cartas interactivas de juego.